Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery: Beat Too Cool For School

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery: Beat Too Cool For School

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery recently introduced house-themed rewards, allowing players to wear different avatar items to show off their appreciation for their favorite Hogwarts house. The only problem is that acquiring these items isn’t such a straightforward process.

In order to unlock the new Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery items – which include a sweater, a pair of pants, and a pair of sunglasses – players must achieve milestones in a quest called Too Cool For School. The quest is timed and players only have a few days in order to complete it, meaning that they will need as much help as they can get.

Rember to Fully Complete All Quests

One particular area of the quest that is bound to trip people up is that they may not have understood the quest’s completion conditions. In order to earn stars that fill up the quest’s progress bar, players have to achieve all of the stars in a lesson. Any partial completions of a lesson just won’t cut it. Failing to achieve all of the stars in the chosen mission length (either one hour, three hours, or eight hours) will mean that those earned stars will not count towards the progress bar, making players no steps closer to completing Too Cool For School.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Too Cool For School rewards Ravenclaw

Which Lesson Length is Most Efficient?

Although Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery tells players that longer mission times offer more rewards, for a time-sensitive quest such as Too Cool For School, players have found that it is actually more efficient to do the shorter, one-hour long lessons than it is to do three-hour or eight-hour lessons.

By doing eight one-hour lessons, players can earn 16 stars (two stars per lesson) but by doing one, eight-hour lesson players will only earn five stars. Taking on an eight-hour lesson may give players a greater window in which to complete the challenge and come back to get all of the stars before the timer runs out (helpful if they forget), but one-hour lessons offer greater returns within the same timeframe.

Story Lessons Don’t Count for Some Players

Some players have reported that the game’s story missions don’t count towards the Too Cool For School progress bar, but in our own testing on Android, we discovered the opposite is true. It’s possible that story missions not counting toward the progress bar is a bug, but players should keep this in mind when attempting to complete the quest.

This information should get players well on their way to complete Too Cool For School with time to spare. While Jam City has yet to deliver new cosmetics that players can spend their increasing gold piles on, these House-themed rewards are equally as exciting.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is available on Android and iOS devices.

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