Monster Hunter World: Where to Find All Endemic Life

Monster Hunter World: Where to Find All Endemic Life

Monster Hunter World might not seem like a game focused on collecting and collections, but those that have put any time with Capcom’s latest likely have found themselves amassing a ton of…stuff. There is so much to collect in Monster Hunter World that it is hard to keep track of and many players choose to consult guides to find exactly what they are looking for.

To assist in that goal one Monster Hunter World player has created a detailed spreadsheet listing all of the endemic life in the game and where to find them. The spreadsheet even tells players what each creature or bug looks like and when they are most likely to appear.

There are actually a lot of endemic life in Monster Hunter World that requires very specific scenarios before they appear – like the Downy Cake, which will not show up if players are looking at herbivores. Some players likely have gone through hours of the game without even seeing some of the endemic life.

Check out the full endemic life spreadsheet.


Endemic life, for those not familiar with the game, are creatures that players can either pick up right from the environment, catch with the net, or catch using the fishing rod. Some are used to craft potions and useful items, while others are part of delivery and event quests.

One of the most useful endemic life to collect are the flashbugs, which are used to create flash pods. Flash pods are an essential piece of the hunter’s arsenal since they will stun any monster and keep their attacks more manageable. But even more than that, flash pods can stun a flying creature (like most elder dragons) and force it back to the ground in a stunned state. If done correctly, the hunter should have a few seconds to get in some big damage on the monster before it gets back up.

Although the game has been out for over a month, it seems like players are still peeling back the layers of Monster Hunter World. Just this week new info surfaced regarding the drop rate for rare items, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Once the official guidebook releases, even more info should hit about every facet of the game.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases in fall 2018.

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