PUBG Hack Makes Players Immune to Circle Damage

PUBG Hack Makes Players Immune to Circle Damage

It’s no secret that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a problem with cheaters. Usually it’s people using aimbots, which has forced the developers to ban hundreds of thousands of users since the game’s early access launch. However, a new way to cheat has been discovered that makes players immune to circle damage.

For those that haven’t played PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the concept is that players start a match with 99 others on a huge island filled with guns, vehicles, and other helpful items. An electrical storm of sorts surrounds players and closes in on them as the game progresses, forcing everyone to make their way to safe zones that are designated by a large white circle on the map.

This latest glitch or hack allows players to win a game simply by standing still, as their opponents play it out until the circle eventually closes in on them. This exploit was pointed out by Reddit user hanchengsh, who noticed another PUBG player was able to win multiple matches in a row without inflicting damage to others or getting any kills. Other Reddit users then chimed in as well, all posting evidence of other players who go on winning streaks without ever doling out any damage, getting any kills, or in some cases, even walking a single kilometer.


It seems this glitch or hack makes the person exploiting it invisible, and it also seems to be triggered in the game’s starting area. However, there is no concrete explanation yet on how this hack is performed or how players have figured out how to abuse it so frequently to keep going on these winning streaks.

However, now that the issue is getting attention, one has to imagine that the developers will address it in a future patch. After all, PUBG Corp has shown a strong desire to limit the amount of cheating in PUBG as much as possible, as continued issues like this could potentially frustrate its player base.

If it’s a glitch, it will be interesting to see if an exact method for triggering it is revealed so the developers can directly address the issue. If it’s a hack, the developers will need to figure out a way to better locate players who continue to find ways to cheat in the ever-popular battle royale game.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now on PC and on Xbox One through early access.

Source: Reddit

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