Far Cry 5: Where to Find All Prepper Stashes

Far Cry 5: Where to Find All Prepper Stashes

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The fictional area of Far Cry 5 known as Hope County, Montana is a massive area, hiding loads of secrets for players to discover. Already, players have discovered many interesting secrets like a powerful alien weapon, a massive truck, and some interesting new companions as well.

Just like any good open world game, Far Cry 5 has plenty of collectables to track down when players want a break from the main campaign. One such collectible comes in the form of hidden Prepper Stashes, located all around Hope County. Not only do these contain valuable items like cash, perk points, and vehicles but these locations also present the player with a small challenge of how to actually access the stash as well.

Here are all the prepper stash locations in Far Cry 5 as well as how to get inside.

Dutch’s Island

In the starting zone of Dutch’s Island, players only need to locate one Prepper Stash. The Sunken Funds bunker can be found right near a boathouse east of Widow’s Creek and west of Peaches Taxidermy. After arriving at the boathouse, swim under and then inside where a key is waiting. Grab the item, turn on the power, then head to the Sunken Funds marker on the map. Players can use the key at this point, but the bunker itself is flooded. Thankfully, there’s a yellow valve nearby that can drain it. Head inside to claim the loot and piles of cash.

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Henbane River Region

Faith Seed’s region houses three stashes for players to discover.

The Animal Control stash can be found just north of Peaches Taxidermy down a small dirt road from a bunch of cultists. Players will find another dead body with a note that kicks off a quest that points to a nearby cave on a hill. The cave houses plenty of wolves, plus a grapple point that players will need to climb. After a short walk, the cave appears to be a dead end, but players should instead jump down a cliff into the water. Climb up and out of the water where more cultists are waiting in addition to a helicopter that holds the loot. As a small bonus, players can even fly the helicopter out of the cave for an easy getaway.

Dead Man’s Treasure can be found in a small wooden cottage between Rock Bass Lake and Angel’s Peak. It’s also west of the Moonflower Trailer Park map icon as well. The cabin in question has a bunch of cultists that need to be dealt with first. Once done, head to a nearby waterfall to find a note hiding behind it for all the quest details. Since the cabin is locked, head around to the back side where a hatch can be found underneath. Once inside, grab a yellow wheel, head back towards the waterfall, and put the wheel on the marker to stop the waterfall. With the water stopped, climb down and head inside a cave to come to the Dead Man’s Treasure stash.

The final Henbane River stash is known as Pooper Scooper and starts at a house that’s southwest of Drubman Marina and northwest of Peaches Taxidermy. Deal with the cultists hanging around outside, and find a note that details the location of a key which was unfortunately fed to one of the dogs inside the main house. With the main entrances locked, look for a boarded-up window that can be smashed. Players will then find plenty of dog poop that they’ll need to dig through in order to find the key. With the key in hand, head back down the road to find the stash inside of Cabin 2.

Whitetail Mountains Region

The area controlled by Jacob has one more stash to locate called Cliffhanger. Northwest of Clagett Bay, players will discover a crashed truck and a dead body with a briefcase. Before players can access the stash in the back of the truck, they’ll need to climb the nearby waterfall which has the key at the very top. With the key in hand, carefully head back down and unlock the stash to find plenty of perk points.

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Holland Valley Region

The final region controlled by John Seed has four stashes to find.

The Deep Dive stash is located west of Rye & Aviation in a house guarded by cultists and on VIP cultist member. Once they’re down, head inside the house to find a note in the kitchen revealing a locked shed in the backyard. Another note waits on the shed, which triggers a marker to be put on a nearby bunker hatch. Drop down into the water and swim to the end of the room to find a keycard on a desk. Return to the surface and use the keycard on the shed which leads to a yellow switch to drain the underground bunker. Head back down, shoot through the wooden planks and players will find three Perk Magazines, cash, and other assorted goodies.

DIY and DOA is the next prepper stash and it can be found far to the north, slightly east beyond the Lamb of God Church. Out in the middle of nowhere is a house, surrounded by countless dead bodies. Find the shed in the backyard as well as a note which quicks off this quest. The key to the shed waits inside the house in the back room on a dresser. Once inside the shed, open the bunker hatch, and head through the door with the Doverspike Note next to it to continue following the path to the left side. Players should come to a yellow power switch at the end of the room. Head back to the entrance of the bunker, but beware of traps that have activated along with the power. The previously locked door has also been unlocked which contains a whole lot of loot.

The third stash is called Fire in the Hole and is in a small house south of Orville Creek to the south-east of Holland Valley. The note is sitting on a rock outside the house, which then sends players inside the house. The back corner room has a hole int he floor that drops players into an underground mine. Destroy the barrier and follow the path to the right where a hostile cult member is waiting. Take down another barrier and more cultists until arriving at a large clearing with a chasm in the middle. Destroy the rocks blocking the flow of water, which raises the water level, allowing players to swim to the other side. Take out more cultists to find the stash at the back of the path.

The final stash known as Foxhole is directly east of the Lamb of God Church inside of a burned out home surrounded by cultists. Take them out to grab the note and head inside through a window. The house is in rough shape so follow the left path until a hatch is found. Simply open it up and the loot is there waiting.

Far Cry 5 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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