Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: New Content For March 27, 20187

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: New Content For March 27, 20187

This past week, the final Faction Rally for season 2 came to a close with New Monarchy coming out on top for the fourth time in a row. While rumors over the past couple of days seemed to indicate that Future War Cult had a real chance to win, Lakshmi’s faction will have to wait until season 3 to earn its first win. With the win, Guardians who sided with New Monarchy can pick up the Interference VI grenade launcher for only 1000 glimmer. All other Destiny 2 players will have to pony up 50,000 to get their hands on it.

While there’s no event occupying The Tower this week, the big news is that Update 1.1.4, also known as Gotta Go Fast around the community, has finally released. This introduces some fairly large changes to the base game that include new Nightfall rewards, rebalances all weapon types, increases player movement speed, and makes adjustments to most Guardian classes. This update also makes sweeping changes to the Crucible as well, adding new weekly playlists, quitter penalties, match rules, and essentially moves the Iron Banner event back into what players experienced in Destiny 1.

destiny 2 new monarchy banner

Alongside the latest sandbox change is the weekly reset. As players should be well aware by this point, the new week in Destiny 2 adds new content to play through over the next seven days such as a new Raid order, a brand new Nightfall strike, a new Flashpoint location, and much more. Here are all of the details for the week of March 27, 2018.

Weekly Nightfall Strike

Nightfall Strike: The Pyramidion

Nightfall Challenges:

  • To earn Unbroken, the fireteam needs to complete the Nightfall with fewer than three deaths.
  • Siege Engine can be completed if players prevent Brakion from being shielded for more than 40 seconds before defeating it.

In addition to plenty of combat, The Pyramidion adds plenty of platforming elements which may increase the difficulty for some players. Things begin with a combat phase where the team works together to activate and hold Vex plates from numerous waves of enemies. Beyond the combat sections, players get their first taste of long hallways broken up by insta-death laser beams. It goes without saying that players should avoid these beams at all costs.

destiny 2 concept art io vex

This process repeats multiple times before giving way to a large room with the large Vex creature known as Brakion. Consisting of multiple phases, Brakion opens the battle by simply shooting at players in one location. When its health lowers to a specific point, it’ll retreat behind a shield, in which players will have to quickly disable by standing on a Vex plate. Prevent it from hiding for more than 40 seconds in total time to earn the Siege Engine challenge.

Like most boss fights in Destiny 2, Brakion is soon joined by Vex reinforcements. When his health drops to 25% its head will pop off making him more aggressive and much faster. This also opens up a new weak point to shoot at, making the battle go faster as well. Finish him off to complete this week’s Nightfall and earn a challenge card for those who don’t already have it.

Flashpoint Location and Treasure Maps

Flashpoint Location: Mercury

Sorry vanilla Destiny 2 owners, the Flashpoint milestone for the following seven days is gated behind a DLC paywall. For Curse of Osiris owners, head over to Mercury and then take part in the Crossroads Public Event that appears every so often in the main hub area. Once you’re finished, head back to Earth to speak to Cayde-6 at the Tower to earn the week’s luminous engram.

Cayde 6 Destiny

While this is normally the spot to talk about Cayde’s weekly treasure, at this time, the exo actually doesn’t have any maps to purchase. It’s not clear if this is a bug due to the recent update or if this is intentional. We’ll update this space if anything changes, but it’s worth remembering that Mercury is the featured planet so that means only DLC owners will get access to what will likely be anywhere from 1-3 treasure chests.

Leviathan Raid Encounter Order/Weekly Challenge

As it does each and every week, the Leviathan Raid encounter order has been shuffled alongside the weekly reset. While this not only helps to keep the experience fresh for veteran players, it also helps players new to the experience get used to the Raid while also giving them an opportunity to play each part even if struggling.

Destiny 2 raid Calus defeat two players no exploit

The War Dogs in the Pleasure Gardens are back as the raid challenge this week. If you need some help completing it, make sure to consult our guide for a walkthrough as well as some tips and tricks.

Raid order for March 27:

  • Baths (Royal Pools)
  • Gauntlet
  • Pleasure Gardens (War Dogs)
  • Emperor Calus

Crucible Milestone and Weekly Playlist

Call to Arms – Win glory by participating, getting kills, and finishing PvP matches from either the Quickplay or Competitive playlists. Finish the milestone and return to Shaxx to earn his weekly engram.

Weekly Crucible Playlist – This week, Guardians can participate in the Rumble playlist, which returns from the original Destiny. This mode is a 6 person free for all style match.

Heroic Strike Milestone

Heroic Strikes – Complete 3 heroic strikes.

For players looking for more of a challenge when playing strikes, the Heroic Strikes playlist is the way to go in Destiny 2. Players above the minimum recommended power level of 270 have an opportunity to score better loot at the end of the mission. Complete three of these this week to earn a powerful loot engram.

And that’s all for this week. Good luck, Guardians!

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



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