Destiny 2: How Fast is the ‘Go Fast’ Update?

Destiny 2: How Fast is the ‘Go Fast’ Update?

This week’s Destiny 2 update was quickly coined by developer Bungie as the “Go Fast” Update because it includes a number of sandbox updates to make the pace of the game faster, from more powerful weapons to faster movement speeds of the player. But now that the patch is out, just how much faster are players moving now?

YouTuber Fallout Plays thought ahead and recorded footage of character speeds in Destiny 2 prior to the update going live and has now matched those older clips with a side-by-side look at the new movement. His findings help show exactly what got sped up in Update 1.1.4 and what didn’t.

What Changed

  • Normal walk speed is slightly faster with a 10 Mobility stat.
  • The Sentinel Titan and Arcstrider Hunter now run slightly faster while in their Super.
  • The Dawnblade Warlock with 10 Mobility and Burst Glide got a major speed boost.
  • The Arcstrider’s Dodge ability now moves at the same speed as its sprint. Before the update, moving around with Dodge was slower than a sprint.

What Didn’t Change

  • Normal walk and sprint speeds with a 0 (zero) Mobility stat are completely the same pre- and post-update.
  • Sprint speed at a 10 Mobility stat remains the same.
  • Striker Titan while in its Super still runs at the same speed.

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Mobility has never affected sprint speed and Bungie never said that this new update would change that, but it seemed to be a popular assumption by players that sprint speed would be getting a boost.

As an additional note, Fallout points out that the jumps for the classes were touched to try to make them more unique and their initial bursts were sped up a bit. For Warlock’s Burst Glide and the Titan’s Catapult, those new jumps will speed up players a bit and allow them to run faster than if they were just straight sprinting.

So while there were some speed increases, this data shows that it might not have been as big of an increase that some fans were expecting. The change that is probably making a bigger difference is the weapon tuning, which has increased the time to kill for some weapon archetypes.

Destiny 2 and its Curse of Osiris expansion are available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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