Destiny 2 Rumble Mode Has a Major Spawn Problem

Destiny 2 Rumble Mode Has a Major Spawn Problem

The free-for-all Rumble mode has returned in the latest update for Destiny 2, but many fans are none too happy about the new 8-player format and the current spawning system. Bungie has responded to the growing criticism about Rumble, promising that it is looking into solutions.

There are plenty of discussions online between Destiny 2 players about what the true “issue” with rumble is. Some are saying that the mode is too crowded because of the increase to 8 players from Destiny 1‘s 6-player Rumble. Others are saying it’s not about the number of players on the map, and that the true problem lies with an imperfect spawn system. Oftentimes players will find that opponents (even ones that were just killed) respawn directly next to or behind them.

Here’s a sampling of what fans are saying:

Bungie has promised to look into a lot of things and to give players answers to many of their criticisms about Destiny 2, but there is no solid timeframe as to when a fix for Rumble may occur, if at all. The current development and update roadmap has the next patch to the game releasing in May, skipping over the monthly cadence of updates started in January.

Judging from the long stretch between updates that Destiny 2 has generally experienced, it could be quite some time before a fix to either the player count or spawn system in Rumble gets a tweak. The one hope is that things can be fixed server side or in a quick hot fix instead of waiting for one of these larger patches.

Destiny 2 hand cannon update

The other factor that might help relieve some of the criticisms about the mode for fans is the fact that Rumble is part of a rotating playlist in the Crucible, so it will only be around for this week. It will be replaced in the featured Crucible playlist with Mayhem next week and then the first 6v6 Iron Banner will rotate into the playlist the week after that. It will be interesting to see how the increase in players for Iron Banner will impact play as well, and whether spawns might be an issue in the mode.

Either way, Bungie is continuing to ask fans for feedback and is not shying away from the harshest of criticisms. The developer clearly intends to fix the game and this latest update is a step in that direction.

Destiny 2 and its Curse of Osiris expansion are available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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20 March 2018