Fortnite: How to Complete the Week 6 Challenges

Fortnite: How to Complete the Week 6 Challenges

Season 3 of Fortnite Battle Royale shook up the landscape by giving players a lot more rewards for participating. In addition to new gear like back blings and skydiving effects, one of the major additions to the experience was the weekly challenge guide. While players can still tackle daily challenges, Battle Pass owners now get a new set of seven weekly challenges that remain active for the duration of the season. Not only can players earn 5 or 10 stars for each challenge, but completing four of the full set for that week also unlocks 4,000 XP.

Week 6 of Season 3 finally arrived yesterday and with it came a new set of seven challenges for Fornite players to tackle. As expected, the list contains a few straightforward challenges in addition to a few that remain a bit cryptic. Reddit user thesquatingdog put together a pretty handy cheat sheet of the entire map, listing out all seven challenges and placing markers for where players need to be in order to complete all seven challenges for week 6.

fortnite week 6 map

For a little more detail on each challenge this week, we’ve also put together this comprehensive guide to all Week 6 challenges.

Deal SMG Damage to Opponents (5 Battle Stars)

Arguably the easiest of the bunch as players simply need to shoot and earn 500 points of damage to enemy players using any SMG type weapon.

Search Treasure Chests at Anarchy Acres (5 Battle Stars)

Anarchy Acres is a fairly large zone at the very top of the map with plenty of barns and smaller structures to hide chests in. Still, this is a challenge that may need a few matches in order to complete fully. Open seven chests at Anarchy Acres to earn the five stars.

Place a Cozy Campfire (5 Battle Stars)

The most difficult thing about this challenge is actually finding a Cozy Campfire to use. The best opportunities to find this item would be to loot treasure chests or supply drops. Keep in mind that in order to place a campfire, players will need to first build a floor panel in order to place the object on.

Summit Different Mountain Peaks (5 Battle Stars)

With this challenge, players need to climb 10 different mountains around the map. Thankfully, there’s a lot more than 10 to choose from, with most of them on the left side of the map. Definitely, have a look at thesquatingdog’s cheat sheet above for all the locations.


(Hard) Search between a Metal Bridge, Three Billboards and a Crashed Bus (10 Battle Stars)

Each week features a treasure hunt to lead off the set of Hard quests and week 6 is no different. This week has players trying to spot a location between a Metal Bridge, Three Billboards, and a Crashed Bus. With how detailed the map is, the description likely doesn’t help all that much.

For this challenge, players need to look at quadrant E7, just west of Salty Springs. There’s a small hill overlooking the bridge, so players should start destroying tree on it to trigger the giant battle star. Thesquatingdog also highlights the area on his map.

(Hard) Explosive Weapon Eliminations (10 Battle Stars)

Considering that the game just added a guided missile to the game, naturally the weapon challenge this week is for explosives. Players have plenty to choose from including grenades, rocket launchers, remote explosives, guided missiles, and grenade launchers to name a few.

(Hard) Eliminate opponents in Retail Row (10 Battle Stars)

The location challenge this week puts the spotlight on Retail Row. While not as popular as Tilted Towers, Retail Row tends to see a fair amount of action during the initial phase thanks to all of the stores and buildings to loot for items. The location can be found on the eastern side of the map to the north of Moisty Mire and Southwest of Lonely Lodge.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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