Destiny 2: Changes Coming Soon to Nightfall Scoring

Destiny 2: Changes Coming Soon to Nightfall Scoring

Nightfall scoring and its Challenge Card modifiers were added to Destiny 2 in the game’s February update. Since then, players have been able to find a way to farm their scores using Lost Sectors in the area of the Nightfalls, causing highly inflated scores. Developer Bungie says it is working on a change for that.

As an example, the top score in this past week’s Nightfall was 473,212. Bungie is well aware that those scores are only possible by using the Lost Sector method. That is, at least one player stays behind and farms a Lost Sector adding points to the overall score while two players push on into the Nightfall.

While it has become a challenge to see how high players can rack up their score, doing so is clearly against the spirit of Destiny 2‘s Nightfall scoring and a leaderboard that is actually true to a genuine 3-person Nightfall run. In fact, Bungie said that only 1% of the players running the Nightfall every week are surpassing 100,000 scores. So the disparity between average players, those top-tier 1% players, and those farming Lost Sectors is huge.

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Bungie has yet to detail how they will change the system so the Lost Sector method no longer works, but says it is working on a way to keep it from happening. In addition, when Bungie set up Nightfall scoring, the developers will continue to consider the scoring tiers of the Nightfall. Those tiers determine which emblem variants have a possibility to drop upon completion.

While it didn’t detail exactly how many players are hitting each scoring threshold on average, Bungie did say that the numbers are coming out very close to what the developer expected. So while a change to the Lost Sector farming method is definitely coming, any modifications to the scoring tiers are still in question.

No timetable was given as to when that fix would show up, but Bungie has also shown off some features of its next scheduled big update coming in May, including exotic weapons buffs.

Destiny 2 and its Curse of Osiris expansion are available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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