State of Decay 2 DLC Adds 4th of July-Themed Weapons

State of Decay 2 DLC Adds 4th of July-Themed Weapons

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While it released to mixed reviews, there’s no denying that State of Decay 2 has otherwise been a successful venture for Microsoft, debuting on Xbox Game Pass and surpassing over 2 million active players. Considering this, it’s no surprise that Undead Labs is supporting the game with DLC, and the first DLC pack, the Independence Pack, is available now.

Fittingly, the Independence Pack for State of Decay 2 is 4th of July-themed, adding an assortment of fireworks-based weaponry for $4.99. Players will also be able to build their own fireworks weapons at crafting tables, and be able to purchase fireworks materials from a special trader who will start appearing in the game.

Of course, the 4th of July is known for more than just its fireworks celebrations – it’s also a time when people get together and do a whole lot of grilling. In recognition of that, State of Decay 2‘s Independence Pack also adds some new melee weapons, like the Grillmeister and the BBQ Fork.

Get a look at some of the weapons included in the Independence Pack for State of Decay 2 right here:

Luckily for State of Decay 2 players who don’t want to buy the DLC, there’s other new content that’s available now as well. Upon downloading the latest update, players will have access to new missions, new weapons (though not 4th of July-themed), a new trader, and more. Considering this, State of Decay 2 players should have plenty of new content to sink their teeth into, regardless of if they pick up the DLC or not.

Despite adding plenty of new content, though, it’s worth pointing out that the latest update for State of Decay 2 is just over 7GB in size, as compared to the whopping 20GB patch that released last month. State of Decay 2 had a number of serious technical issues at launch, and while some still persist, the 20GB patch and the latest update both work to address some of these problems to create a more stable gameplay experience.

Moving forward, State of Decay 2 fans should expect the game to continue receiving regular support through both paid DLC and free content updates.

State of Decay 2 is out now for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Game Informer