New Mario Tennis Aces Characters Coming This Fall

New Mario Tennis Aces Characters Coming This Fall

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Mario Tennis Aces has only been out for a week, but Nintendo is hoping to keep the hype for the tennis title alive well into the holiday season by supplying the game with additional characters on a seemingly monthly basis. This week, Nintendo revealed that three new characters would be arriving to Mario Tennis Aces in the fall with Diddy Kong, Birdo, and Koopa ParaTroopa joining the roster. The trio will join Blooper and Koopa Troopa as the first 5 roster additions to the title (with the latter two releasing earlier), with more likely to follow if the first 5 manage to keep players coming back.

The game may not have filled the large shoes of Nintendo’s smash-hit N64 original, but as evidenced by our review, it was a marked improvement over Ultra Smash on the Wii U. Aces manages to provide fast-paced gaming that’s easy for players new and old to jump in to, yet still has enough depth that skillful players can truly hone their craft to rise above the average player. With Diddy Kong, Birdo, and Koopa ParaTroopa arriving on the scene, a larger roster selection will mean many new players with play styles to match will have a home on the digital courts.

Gamers can take a look at the new trailer below:

As an extra incentive to keep players active in the online scene, players who take part in the online tournaments will be able to unlock the new characters earlier. In the case of Koopa Troopa, players who score well enough in online Aces tournaments will be able to access the character sometime in July, as opposed to his official release date of August 1st. Blooper is set to follow suit in September, with the three new announcements from this week all arriving sometime in the fall, presumably after Blooper and the launch of Nintendo Switch Online, which will be priced at $19.99 a year.

While it’s clear that Super Smash Bros. set an impossible standard in terms of roster size, tennis fans should be content with the news that 3 more additions are on the way for Mario Tennis Aces. Nintendo hasn’t revealed any statistics behind the characters, so it will be interesting to see how characters like Koopa Troopa and Koopa ParaTroopa stack up against one another.

For now, fans will have to wait to see more from the incoming roster additions. Koopa Troopa and Blooper’s releases are a good way for Nintendo to test the waters before potentially releasing three roster additions at the same time, smartly increasing depth to the game ahead of the holiday window.

Mario Tennis Aces is available now for the Nintendo Switch.