NBA 2K18 to Have Amiibo Support on Nintendo Switch?

NBA 2K18 to Have Amiibo Support on Nintendo Switch?

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When NBA 2K18 was announced for the Nintendo Switch, it was a huge win for the console. The basketball sim will arrive on the platform as part of Take-Two’s promise to support Nintendo’s newest home console and it’s regarded as a good sign that such a big franchise will arrive on the Switch during its launch year.

Although the game is already a significant release, the Nintendo Switch version of NBA 2K18 could become even more of a hot property, if a listing for the game is to be believed. Over the last few days, fans have noted the fact that the Nintendo Japan store listing for NBA 2K18 specifically mentions amiibo support. Unfortunately, the Nintendo listing does not detail the full extent to which the game will support the figurines.

As to be expected, the lack of information has already led to fans speculating. With NBA 2K18 offering such a large roster of characters – including all of the NBA’s biggest stars – any one of them could potentially be turned into an amiibo. Some fans have also wondered if various Nintendo characters, from Mario and Luigi to Waluigi and Yoshi, could end up as playable characters through the amiibo. Metroid: Samus Returns offers a game mode that can only be unlocked with amiibo so that could also be a plausible, if not incredibly controversial, outcome.

NBA 2K18 Officially Announced for Nintendo Switch - Bulls

However, while some are excited about the possibility of owning LeBron James amiibo or Nintendo-themed customizations for their created characters, others aren’t so thrilled. Amiibo are already very popular and those who collect them already complain about limited stock and the fact that Nintendo and its retail partners struggle to keep up with demand.

Basketball player amiibo could be even more popular than the other, Nintendo character amiibo for games like Metroid and Super Mario Odyssey. Basketball fans, who already collect merchandise for their favorite players could also flock to stores to get amiibo even if they don’t have plans to play the game.

While a lack of availability is frustrating regardless, if NBA 2K18 does offer amiibo-only content, then fans could end up raging about the situation. There would suddenly be exclusive content that they cannot access just because the amiibo required to unlock it is for one of the most popular players in the league.

If Take-Two is going to offer amiibo support for the game then it will need to address those concerns. NBA 2K18 amiibo is an alluring prospect and a significant draw to the Nintendo Switch version of the game, but only if the company is able to do it right.

NBA 2K18 releases on September 19, 2017 on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: Nintendo Japan