First Destiny 2 Nightfall Exclusive Weapon Revealed

First Destiny 2 Nightfall Exclusive Weapon Revealed

In the latest step on the road to regaining player confidence, developer Bungie has implemented several changes to Destiny 2 including faster movement and special recharge, buffs to a large variety of weapons, and unique rewards for the weekly Nightfall strikes, the first of which has now been discovered.

The reveal comes courtesy of the subreddit for Destiny 2, where some dedicated fans have posted images of the new loot. Called Silicon Neuroma, the reward is a sniper rifle that dropped during a Nightfall run of The Pyramidion strike on Io.

The Silicon Neuroma definitely doesn’t look like anything to turn one’s nose up at. The weapon has several features in its perk tree that could make it a useful gun to try out, especially in The Crucible. Sporting accurized rounds as well as snapshot sights and opening shots as possible choices, the weapon looks very much like Bungie taking more steps towards a faster PVP experience.

Still, it is understandable if the weapon comes as a bit underwhelming to some, especially after Nightfall rewards were delayed by over a month. Many were hoping the Nightfall rewards would be a bit more varied and unique and feature new perks, so while the gun does seem useful it also feels like more of the same, especially when compared other sniper rifles in the game.

For those players interested in the lore of the game, the new weapon also comes with some information regarding the backstory of Io vendor Asher and his encounter with Brakion, the boss of The Pyramidion strike. The weapons lore tab details the deaths of the hunters who followed Asher onto the shores of the radiolarian lake and the capture of his ghost, who would go on to be experimented on by the Vex alongside its Guardian.

new destiny weapon lore

Now the question becomes where is Bungie going now? The developer has been making strides to rehabilitate its image and the image of Destiny 2. In some ways, the delay of the Nightfall strike rewards might have been a smart move on Bungie’s behalf.

If rumors regarding the release date of the second expansion are to be believed then players are going to have a new piece of gear to chase every week until new content arrives in May. Hopefully, Bungie will continue to make improvements after this point and get the game to where it should really already be.

Destiny 2 is currently available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC

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20 March 2018