Counter-Strike Player Releases Fake Hacks

Counter-Strike Player Releases Fake Hacks

One Counter-Strike player decides to take the matter of stopping cheaters into their own hands, releasing fake hacks in order to get cheaters banned from the game.

When playing online multiplayer games, one of the most annoying things to come across is an opponent who is obviously using some kind of cheat. Apparently, this irritant caused one Counter-Strike player to take up a clever form of vigilante justice. This user decided to create a number of fake hacks for the Valve-created multiplayer shooter, with an aim of getting those cheaters booted from the game.

Details of the plan in question were shared on Reddit by the justice-seeking Counter-Strike player. Going under the user name of AndroidL, the gamer explained exactly how they had set about going after Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cheaters. AndroidL created a number of ‘multihacks’ that promised the player a number of illegitimate powers, from wallhacking through to aimbots. Unsurprisingly, would-be cheaters were more than happy to try their luck with the hacks.

However, AndroidL had something else in store for the hack-using gamers. The fake hack creator explained that the releases “had a ‘timer’ in them which meant the features that instantly banned them would only be activated after a certain time.” When that time came, the end result was a huge number of player bans. Meanwhile, AndroidL’s final hack “just instantly bans them as soon as they open the hack and join a game.”

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Ban

The end result was incredible, with thousands of hack-using players on the receiving end of bans. The AndroidL hacks received over 26,000 views and over 5,500 downloads before all the action was done. With 3,500 users downloading the last hack alone, and with around one thousand apiece for the other two, AndroidL can certainly feel as though it was a job well done, even sticking around to see exactly what turmoil the fake hacks had caused within the cheat community and sharing via Imgur.

Cheating within the Counter-Strike community has been a long-running problem, and one which Valve has often struggled to fight against. However, the multiplayer shooter is far from the only game to suffer from hacks. Most recently, The Division has suffered from cheats in only its closed beta stage, with some players able to hack infinite ammo and health.

There is, however, something about Counter-Strike that seems to bring out a desire to win at any cost. Alongside issues of hacks, match-fixing in competitive games has also become a serious problem, with Valve announcing a strict policy against fixing matches. It remains to be seen whether that strategy is going to work long-term, but with gamers such as AndroidL on side, at least Valve has some back-up in the fight to keep Counter-Strike clean.

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