Fortnite: Where to Find All Taco Shop Locations

Fortnite: Where to Find All Taco Shop Locations

Week 8 of Fortnite Battle Royale season 3 has finally unlocked for Battle Pass players, giving them new challenges to complete, which certainly helps to keep things fresh. Per usual, the challenges this week feature one in particular that requires some exploration and a bit of luck. While these hunting challenges occasionally allow players to locate items across multiple matches, this challenge resembles the one from week 5 where players had to visit three gas stations in a single match.

Currently, there are five Taco Shop locations scattered around the Fortnite Battle Royale map. Players can find them at the following locations:

  • Tilted Towers – Found on the western side of the city
  • Tomato Town
  • Retail Row
  • Small village to the West of Tilted Towers (C5)
  • Small village to the South of Shifty Shafts (D8)

The challenge here is with visiting three of the five during a single match, which means Tomato Town and Retail Row are not viable options considering the fair amount of distance from them to the other three. While the plan isn’t foolproof, players are advised to visit the other three locations instead. Unfortunately, this does require venturing to the typical warzone that is Tilted Towers. Consult the map created by Reddit user niitq for exact locations.

fortnite taco locations

Thankfully, there are also a few very straightforward challenges as well. Here’s a cheat sheet for the rest of the Week 8 challenges.

Use a vending machine (5 Battle Stars)

The recently added vending machines are scattered all across the Battle Royale map, so finding one shouldn’t be too hard. The real challenge with this one is gathering enough materials before being able to use them. Based on the rarity, players will need to deposit anywhere from 100 to 500 materials in order to get the item.

Search Treasure Chests at Snobby Shores (5 Battle Stars)

Located on the far left side of the map (position A5), players will need to scour all the pricey homes in this area to open 7 golden chests. This can be done over the course of multiple matches.

Deal explosive weapon damage to opponents (5 Battle Stars)

Unfortunately, the Explosives limited event is now over, though players certainly have plenty of options to complete this objective. Simply deal 500 points of damage to enemies using any combination of rocket launchers, grenade launchers, remote explosives, or grenades. Once it returns, the guided missile will also do the trick.

Dance on Different Dance Floors (5 Battle Stars)

Players will notice that dancefloors have started appearing in various locations around the Battle Royale map. FInd and use a dance emote on three of them to complete this objective.

Players can find them at these locations:

  • RV Park – east of Retail Row in a nearby barn. Smash through wooden boards to enter.
  • Flush Factory
  • Haunted House – southwest of Pleasant Park


(Hard) Search between Three Boats (10 Battle Stars)

This is the treasure map challenge for week 8 and without a map to consult, players will need to figure it out on their own. Thankfully there’s a pretty large clue in the title, as a boat is typically used in water, which means the hidden battle star can be found at Loot Lake.

When looking at the map, players can visibly see row boats positioned in a triangle around the middle island. This means that players will need to land on the middle island which is generally a popular spot for players to land at the start of a match. Unfortunately, the game is offline due to emergency maintenance, so for now, the exact location is a mystery. Check back as we update this guide once the game is back online.

(Hard) Assault Rifle Eliminations (10 Battle Stars)

The assault rifle is one of the bread and butter type weapons in the game, so earning this one won’t be nearly as difficult as the challenge makes it seem. Take out five enemies with any assault rifle style weapon to complete this.

(Hard) Eliminate opponents in Retail Row (10 Battle Stars)

The location challenge this week challenges players to eliminate 3 opponents at Dusty Depot. While not nearly as popular of a location as a place like Tilted Towers, Dusty is typically a high activity location so players will likely find players to battle here. Look for it near the center of the map, between Loot Lake and Retail Row.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit



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