Destiny 2 Updates Roadmap; Promises Weapon Slot Changes

Destiny 2 Updates Roadmap; Promises Weapon Slot Changes

In addition to announcing a release date and title for Destiny 2’s second expansion, Bungie also updated its development roadmap through the launch of Season 4 in September. Between now and then, there will be three major update releases, starting with Warmind on May 8th, followed by a “summer” update, and then presumably a major expansion release in September.

Bungie has been carefully updating its roadmap on a regular basis, making sure that Destiny 2 players know exactly what features are in the works and when they are coming. Some of those features don’t always make the promised release date, but Bungie is usually good about explaining why. In other words, don’t treat these feature lists as set in stone; they can, and likely will, fluctuate over time.

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The Warmind Update – May 8

First up is the May 8th update, which will launch alongside the Warmind DLC. According to Bungie, Warmind will include new destinations, activities, and gear for players to chase, but there are some other improvements coming for non-DLC owners as well. Highlights from the feature list include support for Private Matches, an increase to Vault Space, and Sandbox changes for exotic weapons. This update will also introduce the multi-emote feature, which will let players choose which emotes they want to equip.

More vault space is likely to be a major point of excitement for Destiny 2 players, as it has been high on the requested feature list. Unfortunately, the bump up in vault space accompanies new content and thus more gear. Hopefully, Bungie makes a significant increase to vault space so that players have room for all their old favorites and their new ones.

Summer Update

This summer, Bungie will add a new seasonal event (think Iron Banner or Faction Rally), make changes to the Faction Rally event, add Bounties, and make sandbox changes to exotic armor. Originally the armor changes were supposed to launch alongside the weapon changes in May, but Bungie had to push things back for one reason or another.


Since this update is a little further out, Bungie is keeping things more nebulous. Most players will remember bounties from Destiny 1, but how they will work in Destiny 2 is unclear. Similarly, Bungie says Faction Rallies will improve, but how?

Major Expansion Release

And then, in September, Bungie will deliver some potentially game-altering changes. Specifically, the roadmap says that weapon slot changes and weapon randomization are coming to Destiny 2, something that a lot of players have been asking for from Bungie for a while now.

It’s unclear if the slot changes will revert back to the old Destiny 1 loadouts (primary, special, heavy) or if Bungie has different plans. Moreover, weapon randomization suggests that fixed perk rolls on weapons are going away, but just how random will the weapon options be?

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

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