Fortnite Adding Skydive Challenge?

Fortnite Adding Skydive Challenge?

The addition of the replay mode to Fortnite has been very beneficial for players, as one player used it to find the rumored comet under the Tilted Towers, but this isn’t the only discovery to come from the system. The latest discovery using this mode has players looking up instead of down because it appears that the popular battle royale and survival game will be adding a skydive challenge as part of its Battle Pass.

By using the “FreeDrone” camera, a Fortnite player discovered multiple layers of glowing rings over the main island during the waiting lobby. It seems that there is a purple layer of rings appearing at a higher altitude over a layer of blue rings. This layering seems to suggest it would be possible to dive through multiple rings in order to complete the challenge quicker.

Considering this appears in Storm Shield One’s database, it appears to just be a waiting game for the challenge to go live, but it should still be taken with a healthy grain of salt. At the time of this writing, neither Epic Games nor People Can Fly have addressed the discovery of the floating rings, but the company may issue some form of announcement soon. Check out some pictures of the skydiving rings below:

fortnite player finds blue floating rings

fortnite adds high altitude purple rings

In the meantime, data miners have seemingly discovered more information concerning the comet by finding a new event entitled “Impact.” While this upcoming event may have captured the fanbase’s immediate attention, perhaps something more concrete related to this challenge will be found before it is launched in the game. It’s not out of the question either that something else is discovered thanks to the replay mode.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem like this skydive challenge or comet event will be as divisive as Epic’s recent changes to the weapon equip system. Still, Fortnite isn’t often plagued with controversy, so it doesn’t seem likely to happen to either the comet event or the skydiving challenge, which is good for the Fortnite community as a whole.

Fortnite is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Fortnite Intel

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