Destiny 2 Player Tests the Hidden Ammo Juggler Mechanic

Destiny 2 Player Tests the Hidden Ammo Juggler Mechanic

From very early on in Destiny 2, fans have hypothesized that the game utilizes a hidden “Juggler” mechanic, named after the Destiny 1 strike modifier that prevents ammo from dropping for an equipped weapon. Players noticed in Destiny 2 that depending on whether they were using a Kinetic or Energy weapon, the opposite ammo type dropped more frequently (or even exclusively) when getting kills. The theory has been widespread, especially on the Destiny subreddit; however, Bungie has never commented on the issue.

That has led one player to run a test to see if the hidden Juggler mechanic is, in fact, real or just a skewed perspective on the part of players. The user, diaryofadragonborn, posted the data on the Destiny subreddit, and the findings look to somewhat confirm the theory.

The full method of the test can be found here, but in summary, the player went into a Lost Sector in the EDZ and collected 500 kills using each type of weapon, logging any ammo that dropped and its type over the course of those kills. The results are interesting:

Ammo drops when using a Kinetic weapon:

  • Kinetic ammo: 30 (26.09%)
  • Energy ammo: 74 (64.35%)
  • Power ammo: 11 (9.57%)

Ammo drops when using an Energy weapon:

  • Kinetic ammo: 69 (65.09%)
  • Energy ammo: 29 (27.36%)
  • Power ammo: 8 (7.55%)

Ammo drop when using a Power weapon:

  • Kinetic ammo: 67 (54.03%)
  • Energy ammo: 50. (40.32%)
  • Power ammo: 7 (5.65%)

What the data shows is that ammo for the currently equipped Kinetic or Energy weapon drops only about 25% of the time, while the other main weapon slot is getting an approximate 65% drop rate. So it does appear that a mechanic limiting ammo drops is in play, although it is technically not as strict as a true Juggler modifier (which would result in a 0% drop rate for ammo matching the equipped weapon).

destiny 2 beta power ammo economy

Before a true confirmation of such a mechanic can be made (outside of Bungie confirming it), there should be more testing to see if those percentages hold true throughout different PvE activities in the game. However, the numbers do add credence to the theory that Destiny 2 is restricting ammo drops. The reason? Again, Bungie would have to weigh in to be sure, but the majority of fans believe that Bungie placed the mechanic there to encourage players to switch between the sequel’s new Kinetic and Energy weapon slots.

Speaking of Destiny 2‘s weapon slots, Bungie has promised major changes are coming to weapon slots this September, although the developer has yet to detail what exactly that means. But before then, the next stop on the roadmap is the game’s second DLC expansion, Warmind, which launches next month on May 8.

Destiny 2 and its Curse of Osiris expansion are available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Destiny Reddit



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