God of War Offering a Limited Edition Loot Crate

God of War Offering a Limited Edition Loot Crate

Now that God of War‘s release date is just a few months away, fans of the forthcoming action-adventure epic are surely champing at the bit in anticipation of assuming the role of the Ghost of Sparta once more. In order to further stoke the flames of the excitement, Sony and Santa Monica Studio have recently announced the decision to partner up with Loot Crate to offer a limited edition swag package based on the PlayStation 4 exclusive.

According to Loot Crate’s press release regarding its partnership with Sony and Santa Monica Studio, the God of War crate will “utilize in-game assets” in order to “create exclusive items that expand upon the gaming experience” that the title will offer. Furthermore, the subscription box service promises that “elements of this exclusive Limited Edition crate are tied directly to the events in the upcoming game”.

The God of War Limited Edition Loot Crate is currently priced for $50 plus shipping and handling in the U.S., but international consumers will have to pay an increased cost of $75 plus shipping. Unfortunately, specific contents of the crate weren’t revealed, as it would spoil the surprise of what’s inside, but it’s safe to presume that there will be a lot of neat collectibles in there.

The listing on Loot Crate’s website states that it’s a $90 value with exclusive “collectibles, apparel, drinkware and more—including a hoodie.” Beyond these nondescript items, perhaps it will also contain a statue of Kratos and Atreus that’s similar to the one found in the game’s Collector’s Edition.

Those fans who might be interested in getting the God of War Limited Edition Loot Crate can sign up to be a part of the notification list right here for when it goes on sale. It doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s expected to go out sometime in April, which will closely coincide with the game’s launch.

God of War is set to release on April 20, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

Source: Loot Crate