Ex-BioWare Lead Producer Joins Bungie

Ex-BioWare Lead Producer Joins Bungie

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Former Dragon Age: Inquisition lead producer Cameron Lee announces on Twitter that he is leaving BioWare to work on a new project at Destiny developer Bungie.

Cameron Lee’s career in the video game industry spans casual games like Cars: Mater-National Championship to titles beloved by hardcore gamers, like Dead Space and Dragon Age: Inquisition. More recently, Lee was working on a new IP at BioWare, but he has now left his position at BioWare and Electronic Arts, joining the ranks of Bungie to work on a “new project” – presumably Destiny 2.

Lee is working on the new project as executive producer, and while it seems like Destiny 2 is a safe bet for what the project is, it’s also possible that it’s a brand new venture from Bungie. Bungie rarely creates new IP, having only worked on the Halo and Destiny franchises for the last 15 years, but perhaps the assistance from High Moon Studios is allowing it to work on multiple projects at once.

Even if Lee isn’t working on Destiny 2, though, one has to imagine that the game he is working on is still Destiny-related. After all, Destiny has been a huge success for Bungie, netting the studio $500 million on day one, and continuing to rake in millions of dollars thanks to expansions, microtransactions, and more. There is clearly an opportunity to make serious cash with the Destiny IP, so maybe Lee is working on a Destiny spinoff that allows players to explore the Destiny universe in a different style of gameplay.

Happy to say I've joined Bungie as Executive Producer of a new project. Excited to talk about it in the future. #Bungie— Cameron Lee (@Cameron__Lee) December 6, 2016

Alternatively, Lee’s project could be a side story set in the Destiny universe that retains the gameplay elements from the core Destiny experience. It could be set in the Last City, or perhaps it is a prequel that will allow players to take on the role of a Guardian different from the one Peter Dinklage woke up two years ago. What we’ve seen in Destiny and its expansions so far seems to barely scratch the surface of the franchise’s lore, so the possibilities are endless.

When thinking of Destiny-related games Cameron Lee could be producing, one other idea comes to mind. Previously, there were rumors that Destiny is coming to Nintendo Switch, and Lee could be overseeing the development of that project. While this seems the most unlikely scenario since Lee describes his project at Bungie as “new,” it is not outside the realm of possibility.

Whatever Cameron Lee is working on at Bungie, he has a proven track record of producing quality games. If he is able to bring the same ambition to his Bungie project, it stands a good chance of reaching the same heights as Lee’s previous video game projects.

Destiny 2 will be available in 2017.