Dragon Age: Inquisition Item Contest

Dragon Age: Inquisition Item Contest

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Dragon Age: Inquisition has seen a few downloadable content packs post-release, mostly notable among them being the Jaws of Hakkon expansion. There’s been several new in-game items introduced exclusively among these DLC packs, and BioWare has come up with a neat way to potentially add more of these items in the future: the studio will be letting players try their hand at creating new in-game items for Dragon Age: Inquisition, via a contest that is running from now until July 20th.

BioWare is calling the event the ‘Untold Relics of Thedas’ contest, and it’s a great way to encourage fan creativity and keep content flowing for Inquisition. Players are expected to come up with unique and original ideas for brand new items, with the caveat that the studio may actually design the items they come up with, making them official canon to the Dragon Age storyline.

Those who enter the contest are expected to come up with interesting names and backstories for their submissions, which will hopefully shake up the way players have been playing the game. As posted verbatim from the Bioware website, it looks like the studio will be searching for items that stand out from the crowd, even if in a silly way:

Make [the item] funny, make it mysterious, make it sad, but above all else, make sure it affects gameplay in an interesting and unique way. Whether it’s high risk/high reward or encourages nonstandard min-maxing, we want items that will get your fellow Inquisitors thinking about how they play in new ways.

Dragon Age Inquisition Jaws of Hakkon - Inquisitor

Interested fans must utilize this list of item effect stats to create their unique in-game item. Though many submissions are expected to arrive before the contest closes next Monday, BioWare has stated they’ll be narrowing the contest down to three winners. Those lucky few will win a Dragon Age prize pack, and BioWare has officially stated that their item ideas may be created within the game and included in a future DLC pack, which would hopefully be released at no cost.

Of course, any of this theoretical ‘future downloadable content’ won’t be available for Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers, as BioWare has decided to stop supporting last generation platforms with new Dragon Age downloadable content. The decision will help the studio streamline their development process, as producing DLC that was compatible with last generation consoles was limiting what they could do in terms of adding new, game-changing content to future content packs.

Interested gamers can submit their ideas to [email protected], and are asked to include their name, date of birth, contact email, and a detailed description of their item idea.

Do you have any ideas you’d like to submit, Ranters?

Source: BioWare