100% Golf is an upcoming sports game from indie developer Alexander Johansson who has previously made games such as Corporate Salmon and Narcissus. 100% Golf will be heading for iOS devices on 10th June as a free-to-play title.

100% Golf removes the usual scoring system we’re familiar within the sport and replaces it with a percentage. This represents the amount of power you have left to make shots with the goal then being to get the ball into the hole before you run out of it. So it’s still a little like the par scoring in that the less power you’ve used up, the better you’ve performed.
The controls are fairly simple, you just tap and drag back to adjust the power and aim before letting go. There will be the usual golf course obstacles to consider such as lakes and rough areas, though it’s all minimally presented with a pixel art style rather than shooting for realism.

There are 3 different courses to play with a total of 27 holes to perfect your putting skills on. There will also be the option to speed up shots if you’re a fast-paced golfer. There will be several leaderboards across these different courses where you’ll compete to use the least amount of shot power.

There’s also an Endless Mode to unlock once you’ve bested all of the courses. Here you’ll be able to test your golfing skills to see how far they can take you. Other features include a night colour mode so you can golf until you drift off to sleep if you’d like.

100% Golf will be available on the App Store on June 11th. It will be a free-to-play game with a single in-app purchase that will remove ads.
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