Dragon Storm Fantasy is a hit MMORPG that first launched for iOS and Android back in December last year. It recently received a major update that improves the experience in several key ways, meaning that now is the perfect time to get involved if you’re yet to do so.

But what makes it stand out among the genre’s other heavy hitters? Truth be told, there are many important areas that Dragon Storm Fantasy excels in, so here are 5 of the best reasons to give it a go.

The land of Arcus

Dragon Storm Fantasy’s setting, the land of Arcus, is packed full of mystery and wonder, boasting plenty of lore to sink your teeth into and interesting characters to meet along the way. It’s an epic fantasy setting just begging to be explored and did I mention that it’s practically crawling with dragons? Pretty neat.

The best-in-class combat

The land of Arcus is just as deadly as it is beautiful, so you’ll need some real prowess in combat if you’re going to successfully explore it. Its epic battles are truly a sight to behold, with 20,000 players duking it out for rewards in the server vs. server wars.
What matters more than scale is whether the combat is any good – and it sure is. Punchy, fast, and layered, it offers a surprising number of ways to tackle any situation in style. While many MMOs struggle with combat, Dragon Storm Fantasy absolutely makes it work.

A big part of its success stems from the various Divine Dragons at your disposal. You can enhance your proficiency by embracing the powers of frost, fire, darkness, time, space, and more. When in this mode, you’ll assume the form of an all-powerful dragon.

The sense of progression

Dragon Storm Fantasy knows exactly how to reward your efforts in combat. Most battles, especially boss fights, end in a satisfying burst of loot and currency. But that wouldn’t mean much if the rewards up for grabs weren’t worth having.

Thankfully, everything you’ll earn is in some way massively beneficial, whether it’s advanced equipment or items to sell in the new cross-server Auction House. You’ll constantly be earning new and improved gear as you take down enemies and complete missions, which is true of many games in the genre. The difference here, though, is that you can expect both quality and quantity.

The social experience

Dragon Storm Fantasy wouldn’t be much of an MMO without offering plenty of fun things to do with friends. World bosses are perhaps the biggest challenge you’ll face here, and so it’s wise to take them on with some friends at your side.

Even if you’re more of a lone wolf, there’s simply too much to gain from engaging with others online, including some of the game’s finest loot and biggest XP rewards.

The excellent post-launch support

Dragon Storm Fantasy was already a solid MMORPG at launch, but a recent update has turned it into even more of a must-play title. Not only does it add some all-new talent skills and high-rank equipment to test out, but there’s also now cross-server PvP to get sucked into.

Beyond that, you can now earn XP and equipment while offline by meditating. It’s a great way to keep your progression up and allow you to stay competitive without having to remain online throughout the day.Likewise, the in-game Auction House is ideal for selling your unwanted gear while you go about your day.

Those searching for a top-tier MMORPG will find Dragon Storm Fantasy available for download now as a free-to-play title from over on the App Store and Google Play

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