Bonding with Bytes

Becoming BytesTM blends virtual pet raising with arena battling. If you want to succeed as a trainer, you need to ensure your Byte is happy and healthy. Spend time feeding your Byte its favourite food, playing with it, petting it and cleaning up after it, and not only will you give your Byte the best start in life — you may find you grow rather fond of your new friend, too. You’ll be there at their very first arena fight against rival Bytes, and at their very last. You’ll also have a hand in how your Byte develops and competes beyond just keeping its spirits up, including allocating points to its stats each time it levels up, and intervening during battles with speed-up taps and special attacks.

Surprise evolutions

Your hatchling Byte will have an unpredictable path ahead of it, and that’s part of the fun. Evolution in Becoming BytesTM is randomised, so you never know what your monster will be when it grows up — or rather, levels up. The mix of special attacks your Bytes develop is also variable, based on how well you’ve raised them and their overall rarity. This balance of nature versus nurture makes the game far more replayable, as even identical hatchlings can have totally different outcomes depending on gameplay elements both in and out of your control.

Rewards galore

It’s not just your Byte that will receive a pat on the back when it’s done well; you’ll be rewarded for your hard work, too. Becoming BytesTM promises to dish out plenty of rewards to keep you engaged with its different modes and missions. From simple one-tap bonuses for logging in regularly, to special upgrades when you reach a certain level. The more you play, the more you win. Plus, there are weekly and seasonal giveaways to pay you back for being an active Byte trainer. You can also gain rewards from engaging with in-game adverts, but don’t worry — this is entirely optional.

Compete for the top spot

The only way you can tell if you’ve raised your Byte to be the best, is to test it against the rest. The PvP mode in Becoming BytesTM will let you challenge other players in head-to-head combat. The game has its own leaderboard, and your ratio of victories and defeats determines your global ranking. The leaderboard is split into eight tiers: Initiate, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Master, Grandmaster and Challenger. The better you do, the higher you climb, and the bigger the rewards. At the beginning of every new season, your starter ranking will be determined by how well you did in the previous season.

The original soundtrack

Becoming BytesTM boasts an original soundtrack by none other than award-winning Japanese composer Kentaro Sato (Ken-P). His past work includes music for installments of Final Fantasy and Medal of Honor, as well as for a range of television programmes. Kentaro’s score in Becoming BytesTM is suitably up-tempo and synth-heavy for a game about digital monsters engaged in endless battle, and matches the on-screen action perfectly.

You can look forward to raising your first Byte monster in just a few short weeks when Becoming BytesTM makes its global debut on the App Store and Google Play.

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