A Blob And his Box, bitmagine Studio’s quirky little platformer, is adding more twists and turns in its latest content update. As one of the recommended games on Google Play this October, the physics-based puzzle platformer now lets you download an ad-free version for Android devices if you want to give the game a go without any pesky interruptions.

In A Blob And his Box, players will join lovable hero Fintch and help him navigate through the many dangers lurking in every corner of the Temple of Zeela. You’ll have to help him avoid deadly spikes, odd creatures, and other surprises in order to make it out of the levels unscathed while collecting all kinds of hidden treasures along the way.

The latest update for the retro platformer features new mechanisms and even more enemies to test your platforming skills. You can admire the charming pixel art graphics throughout ten additional levels, plus enjoy added sound effects to complement the black-and-white-style ambiance of the game.

The precision platformer will not only put your jumping skills to the test but also challenge your physics know-how, now with an option to show or hide the Pad in the Settings – Controls menu. The tutorial has also been enhanced, with an additional training basement. Finch can now defend himself against malevolent critters with the new spike ball as well.

If you’re ready to manipulate levers, avoid blades, escape locked doors, and challenge your physics skills, you can download A Blob and his Box on Google Play for free or with no ads. You can also have a look at the official gameplay footage above to get a feel of the mechanics.

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