We finally saw the AWE expansion for Control this past week, but what was even crazier was Remedy Entertainment’s grand idea. As if getting Alan Wake into your latest game was not enough, the developer also teased something it termed the Remedy Connected Universe.

“What if there’s actually been a plan in place for over a decade on how some of our games are connected,” the studio wrote. “A Remedy Connected Universe, if you will—and payoff for certain things is… down the line?”

With the latest reveal for Control’s next DLC, narrative threads between Remedy’s games are beginning to tie together. Both Control and Alan Wake allegedly exist in the same universe. And those two are just the start of director Sam Lake’s wild idea.

An expansive universe

“For over 10 years, we’ve had a crazy dream. The idea that the tales told in some of our games would be connected to each other, a connected world of stories and events with shared characters and lore,” Lake wrote in the company blog. “Each game is a stand-alone experience, but each game is also a doorway into a larger universe with exciting opportunities for crossover events.”

Slowly, patiently, behind the scenes, we’ve been planning and plotting to make this a reality. I’m absolutely thrilled to tell you that now, the time has come to take the first concrete step on this road, establishing Remedy Connected Universe. You have no idea how happy it makes me to be able to finally make this statement.”

All of these definitely has something to do with Control and the phenomena known as Altered World Events. The entirety of Alan Wake falls into that category. With the new AWE expansion, we will be back in the Federal Bureau of Control. The Investigation Sector that was sealed off by materials brought back from Bright Falls needs to be reopened, and it is up to players to do that as Jesse Faden. The Remedy Connected Universe is well underway.

Threads everywhere

This is how you will also meet Alan Wake, who has been missing in action since 2012. One way or another, we are getting some resolution to his story. Lake also explained that the AWE expansion is the “first official Remedy Connected Universe crossover event.”

More are expected to come in the future. In fact, the studio is “already hard at work on a future Remedy game that also takes place in this same universe.”

With Remedy Entertainment having inked a deal with Epic Games, any future projects will fall under that. The deal helps to cover all development costs. However, the all-important creative control remains in the developers’ hands. The awesome thinkers and visionaries can really go crazy crafting the Remedy Connected Universe.

Perhaps we can throw Max Payne into the Remedy Connected Universe next? Now that will be a dream come true.

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