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Along with a new ‘Bim Bam Toi’ dance emote

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in the 1995 film Bad Boys
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in the 1995 film Bad Boys (Image: Sony Pictures / @Sony)

There’s really no stopping Fortnite – Epic’s battle royale has become a collaboration juggernaut, crossing over with franchises most other games could only dream of and now it seems there might be another famous movie character on the way.

Following on from a sus Among Us style update, there’s now a rumour doing the rounds that “Mike Lowrey” from the Bad Boys trilogy will eventually be dropping into Fortnite. This same character appears to feature Will Smith’s likeness.

This information was shared by Fortnite news source Hyperx, who has previously shared skins for the game ahead of release:

In addition to this is a new dance emote ‘Bim Bam Toi – a song by French singer Carla that was France’s entry for the Junior Eurovision song contest in 2019.

If this skin is the real deal, Will Smith will join other high-profile additions in Fortnite such as the singer Ariana Grande. Chris Hemsworth is also rumoured to be getting a skin character from the Netflix movie Extraction.

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