The story of Fallout 76 will only get more interesting as time goes on. The botched launch of Bethesda’s online Fallout experience led to predictable disappointment. However, the developers have been hard at work, plotting the game’s journey to a more familiar experience. The efforts culminated in the infinitely better Fallout 76: Wastelanders expansion. For fans who have been diving in, more excitement awaits as the team is not done just yet.

Improvements everywhere

In a recent Reddit AMA, project lead Jeff Gardiner and lead quest designer Eric “Ferret” Baudoin pointed to more content coming to Fallout 76. This new post-Wastelanders roadmap will have enough content for the entire year. Players can likely look forward to more Brotherhood of Steel story and more clothes for their companions. Legendary perks will make their way into the game “in the summer.” Camps in Fallout 76 will also see an upgrade eventually.

The weapon system for the entire game is getting new balancing, while new events will be added. Text chat for PC could be a thing, and a new “looking for group” feature will be added. This will help players get connected for dungeons and raids in Fallout 76. These potential and upcoming additions are all looking great for quality-of-life improvements, but no huge expansion like Wastelanders was mentioned.

In relation to Fallout 76: Wastelanders, the developers shared some interesting stats: 54% of players sided with the settlers, while 46% sided with the raiders. Crater was the “most nuked settlement,” and the most popular ally was Commander Daguerre. Players also managed to scarf down 193,639 pepperoni rolls. For players eager to test out future content, you can join the Private Test Server.

Fallout 76 Is Not Done Yet After Wastelanders, A Year Of Content Awaits (1)

The turnaround for Fallout 76 is slowly coming to completion. It is great to see just what can happen when developers continue to work hard and listen to their community. With a full year of even more content coming, we will definitely keep you posted on all things Fallout 76.

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