With the world’s current condition forcing most people indoors, most businesses are being affected in one way or another, and that of course includes video games. We’re seeing what the pandemic has done to PlayStation 4’s release schedule, with many of 2020’s big games being pushed back as developers adjust to remote work. We imagine similar delays will play out across the board, but Activision Blizzard’s CEO Bobby Kotick is cautiously optimistic about the publisher’s future output.

In a recent interview with CNBC (thanks, VGC), he was asked how production has been affected by the move to home working. “I don’t know that we quite know yet,” Kotick responded. “Most of the things that we have in production and development are on track for now. I think we’ll have to really reassess that in a month and in three months.”

The publisher has been making efforts to support teams as much as it can, paying for improved broadband speeds and ensuring everyone has access to all the right equipment. Even so, Kotick says it’s “too early to know what the consequences [on] development will be for the next year or so”.

Delays to games during this time are inevitable, but it sounds as though Activision is doing its best to keep its employees in work and in good health. We wouldn’t expect that rumoured Tony Hawk revival anytime soon, then, but hopefully it and other titles are progressing relatively smoothly.

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