Age of Aeonis is a strategy game where you will have to conquer the chronosphere. It takes place in a fantasy world that includes more than 30 different races. Humans, Undead creatures, Elves, Dwarves and many other civilizations will be available for battles.

Game features

Age of Aeonis (previously Genesis of Order) will offer more than 3700 possible formations. You can freely deploy heroes and soldiers to match and counter your enemy’s lineups.
It has a customizable city, where you can add decorations, upgrade your council chamber, expand your Fief into a majestic capital, and build a spectacle worthy of a mighty civilization.

You can explore the geography and civilizations of 13 different regions as well. Age of Aeonis also allows you to dive into the legendary stories and tales of the heroes of Aeonis, where you clear away the fog and find the truth by taking part in the magnificent war that shall last the ages. Another notable feature is the ability to join an alliance, where you can help each other, expand territories together, and rally to conquer your enemies.

Game test run

The latest test run of Age of Aeonis begun recently, and the server is available in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Canada, the UK, and Australia. You can join the official discord for more details.
If you wish to play it, you can download it from Google Play, although it must be noted that it is only available in the SEA region. An APK version is available, but it is best to wait for the official launch in your area to avoid any issues.

There has been no news about its official launch in other regions and a potential iOS version. But we will make sure to update you if any news arrives.
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