If you have been hankering for a journey through some gloomy woodlands and enjoying that atmospheric terror of the unknown, we have a treat for you. Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and as part of that, the game will be arriving on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC next week. A new generation of gamers will soon be able to enjoy one of Remedy’s underappreciated hits.

Small-town horror

First launched in 2010, Alan Wake tells the story of the titular author. A best-selling one, no less, but also desperately in need of a break to alleviate his writer’s block. Heading to the unassuming town of Bright Falls, WA, things definitely do not improve. Nightmares come to life as Alan’s writing turns from fiction to reality. Supernatural happenings, atmospheric horror, and dark things haunt your every step. It reminds us of vintage Stephen King and Twin Peaks. The brand of horror in Alan Wake is wonderfully realized through the setting of the small town and those foreboding woods.

For those intrigued or, more likely, those wishing to revisit a classic, you do not have long to wait. Alan Wake will arrive on Xbox Game Pass on Thursday, May 21. That’s not the end of the celebrations either. You can check out Remedy’s retrospective on the game as a blog post. Even better, you can listen to creative director Sam Lake as he chats with the original cast on Twitch. However, if you feel like you cannot wait a week, Alan Wake is also on sale on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store.

Alan Wake Brings Scares To Game Pass As Part Of 10th Anniversary Celebrations (1)

Spawning a nightmare

The love for Alan Wake also led to a downloadable spinoff with Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. Utilizing much of the original’s mechanics, the game focused on Mr. Scratch, the doppelganger of the author who was hellbent on overtaking Earth. Players must fight against this evil version of themselves while experiencing a variety of psychological horror and black comedy tropes.

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