@Nepp67 @jstarr465 I tend to agree with @CynicalGamer on the story. I think Lost Judgment’s story felt a little too bloated at times, and there was a lot of redundant dialogue — characters basically saying the same things over and over again. It kind of dragged a lot of the plot elements down for me.

That said, I’m totally with you on the gameplay. I love the combat in Lost Judgment, and I love most of the minigames that were added (robot club can go to hell, though. Way too long).

Lost Judgment’s a great game, but for me, the original Judgment is a more ‘focused’ game.

As for Game of the Year, yeah, I do think Lost Judgment missed out, perhaps a bit unfairly. Hardly any of our writers played it, but that’s partly down to a few of them being burnt out on Yakuza-style games (easy to forget we had PS5 Judgment and PS5 Like a Dragon this year as well!).

It’s a shame, but it does feel like Lost Judgment got buried this year. The timing of its release wasn’t great, and I don’t think many people actually played it. I think SEGA could have handled Yakuza/Judgment a lot better than it has, especially in the West.

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