Modernized Classic

Some of the best games you can play on mobile are the ones that brilliantly mix the old and the new. Some keep old-school graphics with modern gameplay while other great games may do the opposite. Alternoidz blends the two together, both from a gameplay and graphical standpoint.

The gameplay will remind you heavily of some of the old space shooting games you might’ve played in the past, taking you to an arcade in your mind. Although arcades aren’t as popular these days, there are still some great ones out there and Alternoidz will make you think of them fondly.

However, the graphics are modern enough to where you can see more 3D movements when you play. It’s becoming more and more popular to see mixtures of old and new styles. Alternoidz is a very good example of that across the board for mobile gaming.

Satisfying Gameplay

There are times where you just want to play a video game that allows you to destroy things. That’s essentially what Alternoidz is all about; destroying anything in your way with a spaceship. In the game, you can really just blast away at the space rocks as well as enemies.

And as you blast away, you might appreciate the fair amount of challenge that it provides. You need to navigate around the debris of rocks and enemy projectiles. Destroying things while avoiding them can be quite satisfying as you showcase your multitasking abilities.

For a game as simple as it is in concept, it will leave you feeling pleased with yourself if you played well during a session. Spamming the shooting button and then unlocking some new abilities will really have you going on a firework spree.

Plenty of Weaponry

Alternoidz is more than just about blasting away with your basic weapon. As you play, you’ll be able to make use of some sweet, new firepower. During games, as you destroy space rocks and enemy ships, you’ll see some debris that will sparkle. Grab these and you’ll likely receive a nice boost of some kind.

You can also make purchases so some abilities are permanent. You’ll probably get taken to a shop after each round you play. Based on the number of credits you have, you can make a purchase or two. One of the cool powers you can get is where you can fire off multiple blasts at the same time.

That ability by itself can really help you rack up some high scores.

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