When it comes to consistent support that is chock full of great content, Respawn Entertainment has been killing it with Apex Legends. The battle royale shooter has certainly built up a strong community. That is no surprise considering the work put in by the development team. Part of the success is giving players what they do not know they need. Another key part is responding to feedback and making sure the community is heard. For those who are eager for more Titanfall content in Apex Legendsthere’s more good news.

While we know that Apex Legends and the Titanfall series share a universe, the franchises have been kept distinctly apart. For the past two years, Respawn has refrained from any obvious links between the games. However, it would appear that plans are in motion to change that.


In a panel that included several developers from Respawn, Senior Writer Ashley Reed pointed out how close the two games are.

The war that took place in Titanfall has led to some familiar sights in Apex Legends. While the links may not be obvious to some players, Respawn wants to change that. These plans include integrating the earlier worlds from Titanfall into the battle royale more thoroughly.

Fleshing things out

The panel, hosted by BrownGirlGamerCode, also went into more details about Season 9.

Game Director Chad Grenier basically announced that more Titanfall content is coming to Apex LegendsNo beating about the bush, just the things people want to hear. If you are a fan of those giant mechs, then you will definitely need to keep an eye on the next season.

However, there are still no plans to add in the Titans. Outside of the upcoming Blisk, who can call in an automated Titan to help, no one else is getting that fun.

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