Netflix’s Arcane is finally here, and we’re recapping each of its episodes. Each Saturday until November 20, a new act containing three episodes will premiere on Netflix. You can also read our recaps of episode 4 and episode 5, or check out our recaps of Act 1.

The final episode of Act 2 opens with another flashback, this time of a young Viktor playing in the waters of the Undercity. His toy boat floats into a cavern, leading him to the scientist responsible for the creation of Shimmer—the same one we saw during Act 1. He’s accompanied by a massive, pink lizard. A rare mutation that he cultivated, he explains, but the lizard is dying and he’s trying to prevent that. Viktor asks if he can help and the two join forces. Flashing forward in time, Heimerdinger finds Viktor brooding over his diagnosis. The two commiserate over Viktor’s looming death.

Viktor’s health is also on Jayce’s mind. He arrives at councillor Mel Medarda’s apartment to inform her of Viktor’s diagnosis. His sickness likely stems from the noxious gases he was exposed to in the Undercity as a boy, Jayce says. The exact kind of danger that Hextech could save people from. Meanwhile, at the lab, a dying Viktor finally has his breakthrough.

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Desperate times, desperate measures

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