Arknights gets new episode and characters in latest update

Arknights’ latest update, Children of Ursus, introduces new stories, maps and Operators | Articles

Yostar Limited has released another update for their tactical tower defence game, Arknights. It’s called Children of Ursus and will introduce a series of stories, maps and Operators. Specifically, players will learn about the Student Self-Governing group and how their history shaped them into who they are in the present day.

In total there will seven stories for players to experience, with each telling a tale about a different Operator who managed to survive the tragedy at Peterheim. By clearing the stages available in the Children of Ursus event, players will be able to collect event items.

These can then be traded for a variety of rewards at the exchange shop. Some of the wares on offer will include new 5-star Operator Absinthe, LMD, recruitment permits, upgrade materials and furniture assets. There will also be Information Fragments available that can be purchased to unlock event stories which detail the student’s lives.

The update also sees the arrival of several new Operators. Among them will be 6-Star Operator Rosa who is a sniper with a slow rate of fire but incredibly long range and high damage. Her trait will allow her to attack the heaviest enemies whilst ignoring most of their defences. Meanwhile, her third skill allows her to immobilise enemies for an extended period.

Joining Rosa will be two 5-star Casters called Leonhardt and Absinthe alongside a 4-star Supporter called Podenco. Absinthe will be particularly useful again opponents with low HP whilst Leonhardt will dish out high instant damage to multiple enemies. Podenco, meanwhile, can switch between being a healer and dishing out continuous damage.

Arknights is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.
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