Yostar has just launched a new side story event on its strategic mobile RPG Arknights. Called Break the Ice, this new tale will uncover things like the Snow Realm Incident and other struggles that took place in Kjerag. The update also sees the addition of new operators, outfits, furniture sets, and more rewards.

Arknights’ Break the Ice story takes a deeper dive into the growing geopolitical tensions in Kjerag, as the animosity between the Silverash family and the conservative Paleroches and Browntails was on the rise. The appearance of the Doctor under Encoides’ invitation didn’t help the situation either. All this would eventually pave way for the Snow Realm Incident, which would leave a mark on Terra’s history, changing Kjerag forever.

The side story event will run for three weeks until July 21st. The Stone of Kjeragandr is up for grabs as a reward for completing event stages, alongside the Turicum Trade Zone that will provide more rewards like Kjera’s Token, Kjerag-Style Inn Furniture (Pieces), Headhunting Permit, LMD, Furniture Parts, Elite Materials, and more. Arknights is hosting a ten-day login event as well, with goodies like Icefield Messenger Collection, Gift Uncompleted for Beanstalk, Yan-Style Dressing Table, Kuro’s Festival New Home being given away to everyone.

The update also sees the addition of three new operators who will all have a higher rate bonus from the Headhunting Edelweiss Vow or will be available via a quest. Here’s a peek at the new operators coming to Arknights:

  • Gnosis – 6-star Hexer Support who’s amazing at giving debuffs
  • Aurora – 5-star Duelist Defender with both defensive and offensive capabilities
  • Kjera – 5-star Mech-Accord Caster, a hero suited for crowd control

The event shop features the newly launched Icefield Messenger Collection that includes skins for Carnelian, Leonhardt, and Kafka. Kjerag-Style Inn will be the new furniture set and the Cambrian Series will make a return as well.

Discover what went down in Kjerag by downloading Arknights for free by using one of the links below.
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