Screenshot by CHRISinSession. See more on Flickr.

If you’re still pressing the PrintScreen button every time you want to take a screenshot on your PC: Stop. As of 2020, Print Screen is illegal. Okay, not illegal, but there are better ways to take a screenshot on PC these days than mashing PrintScreen, pasting it into Paint, and cropping. And for games, there are so many choices in screenshot tools, it can be hard to decide what to use. What they have in common: They’re all better than PrintScreen.

In this guide we’ve narrowed down the many screenshotting tools for Windows into a few specific recommendations, with tips on how to use them. We’ve also got some advice on how to take good game screenshots with the tools available to you. Studying some basic photography concepts, can help anyone learn how to take screenshots that do justice to the gorgeous games they come from.

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