The long wait is over – Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle is finally out on Android and iOS devices today. The highly anticipated title from Boltrend Games is part of the 20th-anniversary celebration of the beloved franchise, which has been crafting magical stories about the art of alchemy since the very first game in the series came out in 1997.

Atelier Online follows the story of the Protagonist as an apprentice of alchemy at the Royal Academy of Sciences. In your quest to rekindle the fire of the art (and to become the greatest alchemist in the land), you’ll meet a colourful cast of characters throughout your journey. Both new and old franchise faves will be making appearances, so while the experience is entirely new for those who are not familiar with the series, longtime fans will still get bitten by the nostalgia bug. Alchemy and synthesis being the hallmark of the IP, there’s no shortage of collecting, gathering, and crafting here. You’ll be able to synthesize food, as well as items, weapons, and gear with varying levels of rarity. You’ll have to collect not just materials but characters too, along with tons of customization options for each.

Of course, while you’re on the hunt for ingredients and materials you’ll need for each recipe, you’ll bump into not-so-friendly creatures as well – and the turn-based combat system is as exciting as ever. This made-for-mobile title also lets you play with up to three other friends in cooperative online play.

You can start your exploration of Bressisle Island by downloading Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle on Google Play and on the App Store. You can also visit the official website to know more about the game.

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