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While playing the Alpha, many players notice icons that are applied to Axies following certain attacks. The first encounter is typically with an attack in the PVE, leaving an unsightly

symbol above their Axies head.This symbol,

, is called a status modifier – in this case, the icon represents a modifier called “stun”, a “debuff” that negatively affects your Axie. The opposite of this, is called a “buff” – which is a modifier that positively affects an Axie.There are currently 16 status modifiers in the game, split between 3 buffs and 13 debuffs. As more moves are introduced to the game, and parts are given the ability to level up, it is likely that additional modifiers will be added.

It’s important to note, that status modifier effects can stack in some instances. In these cases, you will see the number of stacks next to the icon to represent this.


We will start with Buffs (as there are only a few). Again, these status modifiers positively affect the Axie that they are applied to. These are typically placed by an Axie on itself or its teammates.


Debuffs make up the larger portion of status modifiers, and are typically placed on the opposing teams Axies by the attacker.

Counters to Debuffs

Some cards, like Refresh, exist solely to cure your Axie of these debuffs.

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