A bunch of changes are headed to Pokémon GO, including
features that’ll help you have more fun in individual settings and at home.
Check out just a few of the features coming later this month. Then, head to PokemonGOLive.com for complete details
on all the updates.

With the all-new Remote Raid Pass, you’ll be able to join any
Raid Battles that you can see on the Nearby screen or that you can tap on the map.

At launch, Trainers battling in raids remotely will have the
same attack power as Trainers who are able to battle at the raid location. In
the future, a Trainer battling remotely will have a lower attack power than a
Trainer battling at the raid location. Check back later for information on
adjustments to this feature. If you’re interested in trying out battling in
raids remotely, keep a lookout for a 1 PokéCoin bundle that contains Remote
Raid Passes.

At midnight every day, if you have an open Field Research
slot, you’ll receive a bonus Field Research task without having to spin a
PokéStop. Tasks you receive in this way will be different from Field Research
tasks you receive from PokéStops and will focus on activities you can complete wherever
you can play.

With this update, you’ll be able give a Pokémon all the Candies
and Stardust needed to power it up to your desired CP level at once. Now you’ll
have more time to hone your battle skills!

Star Pieces, Lucky Eggs, and Incense each normally last 30
minutes, but with this update, you’ll be able to activate more of these items
before their effects have worn off, allowing you to extend the effects’
durations. You’ll be able to activate up to 200 of each item at a time, but be
careful! Once an item is activated, it’ll disappear from your Item Bag and cannot
be returned.

Incredibly, that’s not all the updates coming to Pokémon GO.
Visit PokemonGOLive.com for all the

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