When it comes to golf, we’re down for almost anything. Crazy golf, mini golf, putt-putt, or any other variant; we’re always up for a round. We’ll even play normal, proper, ‘big‘ golf. After all, nothing beats walloping a tiny ball around the countryside in a loud pair of trousers.

We’re also partial to video game versions of the sport and Nintendo consoles have a rich history of great golf games, many of which have featured a certain mustachioed mascot. Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom pals haven’t hit the fairway in a brand new game on Switch yet, but the console has built up a bagful of quality golf games since launch.

With that in mind, we’ve collected together our picks of the best golf games on Switch (or, more accurately, the best golf-inspired games on Switch). They run the gamut from crazy to contemplative… actually, they tend to congregate on the ‘crazy’ end of the scale, but with PGA Tour 2K21 teeing off this summer, that should take care of the simulation end of things if you prefer more decorum and less fireworks on the fairway.

Regardless, you’re sure to have a good time with the games below whether you’re a scratch player or you hack your way from bunker to bunker like us.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the best golf games on Switch. Fore!

Not a bad collection if you like to whack little digital balls around, hmm? Until the two-ball pair of Mario Golf for N64 and Mario Golf for GBC arrive on Switch (or the console gets its own fully-fledged Mario Golf game), these will do nicely. Let us know below which of these you think are up to scratch or if you think there are other Switch golf games worthy of this list.

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