All hail the developers of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for, yea, they have listened to our pleas. Lo it was written that CTs moving to B-site on Dust 2 must always cross the double doors, which the Ts fire through while praying to RNGesus, and oft ye will take a hit and occasionally even a headshot, and it doth suck the big one. But from the mountaintop in Seattle come the new holy words: “Blocked visibility of mid from T spawn in Dust 2. Really!”

Really! Yes Valve, I always loved you: even when nasty players said you weren’t listening I kept the faith. In all seriousness this is a massive change to Counter-Strike: GO’s most popular map, and a long-overdue one. It never made sense to me that one of the game’s best maps had this roulette-like touch at the start which can significantly hobble the CTs, and now it doesn’t.

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