Black Desert Mobile has just introduced an all-new game mode called Path of Glory and reintroduced the popular Field of Valour. The former is said to be a tower defence-style experience where you’re tasked with protecting a castle gate from hordes of incoming enemies.

Each new wave will grow greater in strength and numbers, though you’ll be able to even the odds a tad by selecting up to six classes from your family roster to create a balanced, powerful team. A range of different skills and combat styles will seemingly be required if you’re to progress to the later rounds.

And you’ll want to do so seeing as there are special Emblems up for grabs. These grant combat and defence pool buffs to all characters within a family. Basically, it sounds like it’s well worth getting involved in.

On top of that, the fan-favourite Field of Valour mode also makes its return today. It now features a new battlefield called Highland. Field of Valour, if you didn’t know, sees up to 5 players face off against a range of enemies in giant 30-minute battles. Full patch notes are available over on the game’s official site.

And if you’re in need of a colossal MMORPG to while away the hours, you’ll find Black Desert Mobile up for download on the App Store and Google Play. In other BDM news, the game is currently running a crossover event with Netflix’s Cursed. 
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