We’ve had our eyes on Naraka: Bladepoint for a little over a year now, and it’s coming along rather nicely. Most are quick to point out its similarities to Sekiro, but it does seek to do its own thing as an online title. The developers consider it an action royale of sorts, as it features wide open battlefields that support up to 60 players. It also features a number of class heroes with unique playstyles to choose from. You can check out some of the action in the latest gameplay trailer for Naraka: Bladepoint to see for yourself how the action unfolds.

It only takes a few seconds to see that it bears similar parkour mechanics to Sekiro, and mobility is a huge part of rising through the skill curve. You may find yourself suddenly waylaid by numerous aggressive players if you’re not watching out. You’ll be able to defend yourself though with different spells and abilities in addition to an ultimate. Choosing your timing for when to use those abilities will be important, but you can always rely on effective parries if you prefer the tried and true approach to this manor of combat.


There are also ranged weapons, but those come sparingly, which seems like a good means of retaining balance. Most of the combat consists of face to face encounters.

Bring your blade to the battlefield

If this has your attention by now, you can try it out for yourself when the open beta begins on April 23. You’ll need to be ready when that time comes though, because it will only last through the weekend to April 25. You can sign up now on the game’s Steam page. Depending on how the next beta goes, we should learn about a release date in the coming months. The game will release in full sometime this summer.

If you’re digging the gameplay trailer for Naraka: Bladepoint and are thinking about signing up for the beta, you’ll definitely want to know if you’re PC can handle it. We have the full system spec requirements for you here.

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