With Overwatch 2 the focus for the team over at Blizzard, plenty of major changes is in the pipeline for the hero shooter. As shared in the behind-the-scenes look at the game during BlizzConline 2021, game director Jeff Kaplan expressed that the team had some thoughts about how tanks function in the game as a whole. It needs some change. Basically, the aim is to enhance tanks in Overwatch 2 to feel more like a competent brawler.

In an interview with IGN, Kaplan even went as far as a name change for the role itself. One day, tanks might just be known as brawlers. Not only will this come closer to describing their abilities, but it will also allow Blizzard to change the expectations for the role.

Kaplan cites the current nature of how games go in Overwatch. Most teams would require a tank that protects them, and that is not exactly the most fun time for a lot of players. The last thing Blizzard wants is for players to feel forced to fill a role. A tank in Overwatch 2 should be a choice, not a requirement, so to speak.

A defensive stalwart is definitely key to success, but you can change how they work to balance things out.

Defensive powerhouse

As such, the team pointed to Reinhardt as an example. With the added enhancement in the brawler sense, Reinhardt will have two uses of Firestrike before needing a cooldown. His Charge ability will be more manoeuvrable, and he can even cancel out of it if need be. A more nimble Reinhardt can be both devastatingly good at defending and attacking.

Granted, the tank naming pretty much sums up what that role brings to the table, even in Overwatch 2They are there to protect the rest of the team, usually with a barrier. They are targets for aggro, and are a great help at setting up kills for the team. However, it also makes sense for Blizzard to change it up in order to add more fun for players.

Nevertheless, it is good to see Blizzard continue to experiment and improve things. This way, every role in Overwatch 2 will be fun to play.

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