We’ve been waiting with bated breath for more news on From Software’s Elden Ring. Ever since its reveal during E3 2019, I’ve been watching every gaming event for more information. But be prepared when making a wish on that particular monkey’s paw. Today, some leaked low-quality gameplay footage of Elden Ring made the rounds online. And apparently it’s legit.

The footage, spotted by VGC, was shared across the internet and social media during the early morning hours. For those curious, the leaked gameplay footage was clearly recorded on a device cobbled together from shoe string and hopes. It’s jarringly bad on the eyes, but according to Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, it’s the real deal.

To echo Schreier’s sentiment, it will be better to wait for the official trailer. The leaked gameplay footage of Elden Ring is blurry and grainy. You can only barely make out some of the finer details. However, it does look like the basics won’t stray far from the core design philosophy of From Software. Attacking enemies and dodge-rolling all look very Dark Souls. You wouldn’t be blamed if you mistook the brief flash of a backstab for something from the famous action RPG franchise. There’s even a dragon, doing what dragons are best known for.

My horse is amazing

Elden Ring isn’t, of course, Dark Souls, as it will have some new inclusions. In the leaked gameplay footage, we see some horse-mounted combat. It was brief, but it suggests more of an open-world structure. Naturally, this is all but speculation on my part. It’ll be best to wait for something more official on the From Software and George R. R. Martin collaboration.

However, we don’t know exactly when that will be. Rumors surfaced of Elden Ring getting shown off during an upcoming Microsoft event, but Aaron Greenberg, Xbox’s marketing guru, has said it’s “not happening.” We’ll have to wait a little bit longer.

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