Searching for books on explosions is the fourth of Week 12’s legendary quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7. Due to being a legendary quest, you only have a week to complete this challenge.

This set begins with you using a payphone to receive new instructions, before asking you to craft weapons with Alien Nanites and, in the third quest, destroying target dummies.

Completing this challenge will reward you with 30k XP, which will help you unlock more Battle Stars for the Season 7 battle pass. You’ll also be able to begin the next quest in the set – deploy scanners in the Alien Biome.

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Catty Corner books on explosions locations in Fortnite

Since there are two books on explosions hidden within Catty Corner, it’s possible to complete this Fortnite legendary quest without leaving this location.

Catty Corner books on explosions locations at a glance.

The first book on explosions is next to the bin located on the eastern side of the garage in the southern section of Catty Corner.


The second book can be found in front of the caravan in the northern section of Catty Corner.


Now live is the Superman skin, which has you find Beast Boy, Clark Kent and Armored Batman and then fly through rings and find a phone booth.

Elsewhere, the alien invasion of Fortnite continues with the arrival of mothership abducting, UFOs, Alien Artefacts, Cosmic Chests and ray guns.

There are time-limited Legendary Quests starting every Wednesday, as well as the on-going Character Collection and Fish Collection to complete!

Dirty Docks books on explosion locations in Fortnite

You can find two books on explosions in Dirty Docks, which means you can complete this Fortnite legendary quest in this location.

Dirty Docks books on explosions locations at a glance.

One book on explosions can be found in front of the dumpster located just to the south of the main road leading into Dirty Docks.


The second can be found near the shipping containers in the southern part of Dirty Docks near, again, a dumpster.


Steamy Stacks books on explosions locations in Fortnite

Within Steamy Stacks you’ll find the location of two books on explosions and, since you only need to find two books to complete this Fortnite challenge, you can easily complete this legendary quest here.

Steamy Stacks books on explosions locations at a glance.

The first can be found within the lobby for Kevolution Energy.


The second is located in the building directly to the right of the main Kevolution Energy building.


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