With the release of Beyond Light, many Destiny 2 players on PC have noticed subpar performance from the game on their rigs compared to how things were beforehand. Bungie has broken its silence on these issues and addressed them in a news post on its site. The post begins by stating that the various combinations of settings, hardware, and software make optimization difficult, but anyone with any PC experience already knows that more than well enough. The issues in question arose due to the fact that Beyond Light made major engine changes to the game in general. Of course, these changes were made while the developers worked from home.

As such, the developer team members lost access to the PC compatibility lab, which absolutely doesn’t sound like a real thing that exists. I’m going to do some research on it in my video game assumptions office. But, because the devs couldn’t test the performance impact of new changes without their lab (that’s totally real) there were some notable performance problems that they simply couldn’t fix. The post goes on to say that while Bungie has been slowly but steadily working on improving things with every subsequent patch, these upgrades are often not found in the game’s patch notes for whatever reason.


Destiny 2 PC performance changes coming soon

To gauge performance, Bungie has been using metrics from the game itself, along with feedback from external partners. Both of which have increased the time it’s taken to get the patches out. Due to this manner of making improvements, Bungie isn’t sure exactly how effective the updates will be across a wide range of users. The post finishes up by stating that game’s current performance is nearly where it was before Beyond Light for many users.

But it isn’t putting any hard dates on a magic patch that boosts things for everybody. Regardless, the team is going to keep working on it until things are back where they should to be.

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