Our selection of top weapons to use in Vanguard.

Learning the best guns in Vanguard is not an easy task considering the sheer variety, from assault rifles to shotguns, marksman rifles and SMGs.

The weapons meta in modern Call of Duty games remains ever-shifting, especially with Warzone serving as an integration of several experiences. Vanguard will soon be joining the roster of Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare with its own options as well. In the meantime, it’s best to prepare yourself beforehand.

After spending time across the game’s multiplayer modes, we’ve come up with the best weapons in Vanguard for you to learn the ins and outs of the game with the right tools.

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How to decided the best weapons in Vanguard

The more weapons co-exist together in a Call of Duty game, the more difficult it is to categorise the best options from the bunch – in this regard, Vanguard is not exception.

There are dozens of different weapons at launch, ranging across the categories we’ve grown used to at the moment. Some guns are more familiar than others – especially if you’ve unlocked them in Warzone already – but there are others that feel like quite the standout regardless of their simplicity.

Have you seen the number of attachments on these things?!

While looking for the best weapons in Vanguard, it was hard to look away from assault rifles and SMGs. If you ever got tired of the meta revolving around them in Warzone or Black Ops Cold War, sadly, it’s still the same case here. Jump into any multiplayer match and you’ll rarely see a shotgun or a marksman rifle.

Does this mean you should avoid using other categories? Not at all. But it’s worth keeping in mind that the majority revolves around the aforementioned gun types in most cases. Still, the element of surprise of bringing a sniper rifle or LMG with you may turn things in our favour.

If you’re curious about which weapons you should go for right away, jump to our next section.

Vanguard best weapons list

In random order, you can find our best weapon recommendations for Vanguard below:

MP40 (SMG)

  • How to unlock the MP40: Reach Player Level 16

A top SMG that is excellent at both short to medium ranges. It has a devastating fire rate and a decent magazine size that will rarely leave you without ammo in the most intense situations.

As with SMGs in general, you may end up exposed in long distances. But as soon as you can get close enough to an enemy, it’s over for them. It’s great for ADS fire, but don’t underestimate its hipfire.

STG44 (AR)

  • How to unlock the STG44: Reach Player Level 1

There will likely won’t be any matches where the STG44 isn’t present. This assault rifle is unlocked from the get-go when you play the game for the first time, and what a treat it is.

It’s a devastating weapon with great rate of fire, high damage, and a versatility that makes it suitable for everything between short to long distances. If you’re unsure about jumping to specific weapons, or just want a reliable option before you get to unlock others, this is the one to use.

MP1928 (SMG)

  • How to unlock the MP1928: Reach Player Level 20

Here’s another SMG option that is worth considering thanks to its sky high rate of fire. While the MP40 is a great choice, the MP1928 carries a significant magazine from the get-go, which of course can be tinkered with further with attachments.

While the weapon’s description says that it’s ideal for close encounters, don’t be afraid to aim at enemies that are at medium range, as it has a decent bullet velocity that will definitely let you face them. It’s not an assault rifle, but it’s in a great in between.

DP27 (LMG)

  • How to unlock the DP27: Reach Player Level 18

Love them or hate them, LMGs are powerhouses. Carrying massive magazine sizes, ridiculous damage, and quite a hefty weight on your shoulders.

Of course, you can’t use LMGs expecting for a lightweight experience, but the DP27 certainly makes up for this with accuracy that can rival long range encounters with ease if you opt for burst fire instead of full-auto.

Einhorn Revolving (Shotgun)

  • How to unlock the Einhorn Revolving: Reach Player Level 1

Yes, we’re mentioning shotguns in our best weapons roundup – the Einhorn Revolving it’s definitely worth a sentence or two. It introduces itself as an iconic weapon during Vanguard’s campaign, and it also makes strides in multiplayer.

The revolving cylinder isn’t just for show. This shotgun packs a punch, shoots fast, and reloads at a decent speed all things considered. It doesn’t have the biggest magazine in the world, but when you’re able to take down enemies with just one shot, it’s not like it makes that much of a difference.

Type 99 (Sniper Rifle)

  • How to unlock the Type 99: Reach Player Level 1

Remember the Swiss K31? If you’re looking for a similar weapon in terms of mobility and bolt-action fire, the Type 99 gets quite close to it.

Snipers are, of course, famously known for leading you to take it slow and possibly stay grounded in an specific spot waiting for the right moment to attack. But with this option you’re free to move around the map and take quick shots thanks to a fast ADS speed. Plus, it packs quite the punch if you’re aiming at least above the chest.

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